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Monthly Archives: April 2010

It Is Possible To Make A Full Time Income Online Using
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Here is a site I think you will enjoy. They will even send you a small bag of paydirt for you to pan which is guaranteed to have some gold in it check it out!

How to Claim Government Land!

For those of you interested in buying some silver Bars or coins here are a couple of links that should interest you. This is a good way to start a portfolio inexpensively. You can buy a silver bar as small as 5 grams for just under $7.00 check them out buy one a month an ounce is only about $18.00 dollars at the end of a year you could have 12 ounces accumulated get started now silver like gold will only go up. You can check the daily price of Gold or Silver at my web site Here are the links:

How to Claim Government Land!

Learn how to claim Government land.

Watch out for scams like this. I received this in my email just today, they must get your name just like the old mail order mailing lists. Below is the email I received. The email address it came from shows up as


We have this chance to introduce our cooperation to you for long-term business relationship. We are local miner’s representative/mandate, we have this opportunity to offer you this business for our mutual benefit. Meanwhile, we have gold dust and Gold bars, for sale for long-term purchase and joint venture exploitation in our mining concession.

Please indicate your interest in any of our products and we shall offer you our full FCO.
For our FCO contact us through our email;
Mr. Luc Russel Kofi