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I found this article while searching the web and thought it was interesting and others might enjoy it too.

Treasure Mountain

Date Found:
In the 1700’s

What is now Summitville, CO. Several miles east of Wolf Creek Pass

How was the treasure obtained?
A French expedition of 300 men were prospecting their way west and found a vast amount of gold on Treasure Mountain

How much is it worth?
$33 million+

Key Players:
300 Frenchmen
One sole Survivor – LeBlanc

Treasure Map(s)?
Supposedly two maps remain – one belonging to the French government, and one to the descendants of the LeBlanc family

And the story goes…
Treasure Mountain | Cash and TreasuresFrench explorers had a successful gold expedition until they arrived at Summitville to set up camp and bury their loot. Their neighbors were Native Indians, and at first, the relationship was friendly. However, one group provoked the other and a battle ensued. The gold was reburied and the French made a map to the new location. However, through the battle with the Natives, the weather, a second battle with the Natives, and starvation, there was one sole survivor – a Frenchman named LeBlanc. He had two maps – one he gave to the French government, and one he kept for himself. There are many versions of what happened next. Some say there have been several unsuccessful expeditions to find the gold. Some say that the French government found it and kept it a secret. The truth of what happened has yet to be discovered.

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